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Bringing together medical professionals, academics and industry leaders we strive to engage them in an innovative and groundbreaking discussion on the impacts games, simulations and game-like techniques might have on us all in the near future. This is the first conference on European soil, after Games for Health conferences have been taking place annually in Boston for the past seven years.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own issues and concerns to the discussion – the call for content is now open! By providing the framework during and after the conference, we hope to facilitate creative solutions for problems in healthcare, mental well-being and medical training. The central theme is: How games & simulations can improve health(care) and make it affordable The conference consists of five main tracks, with additional tracks and topics interwoven throughout the program:
– Cognitive and emotional health (mental health)- In this track we discuss how games in their different forms and platforms can contribute to the alleviating those conditions among target audiences.
– Participatory health – In this track we ask how can gaming techniques improve this interface, and provide more engaging, encompassing experience for the individual with their own health.
– Exergaming, active gaming & fitness – From the Nintendo Wii and to the PS Move and Xbox Kinect, games for training and exercise are filling or lives. In this track we discuss the long term implications of using those platforms for health and fitness.
– Rehabilitation games Patients going through rehabilitation after disease and injury are experiencing pain and discomfort. By using games both as distraction and rehabilitation techniques, this track explores the possibility of helping them.
– Medical education, medical training, medical modeling & medical simulation – This track explores the role of games in providing training and practice for medical personnel.

Wanneer: 24 en 25 oktober 2011
Waar: Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam
Kosten: € 495,-
Organisatie: Games for Health Europe Foundation
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