PW. podcast (6): prof Bob de Wit about Society 4.0 and the big changes to come (English)

Prof. Bob de Wit explores the emerging possibilities of new technologies, collects and examines ‘weak signals’, and evaluates numerous new societal initiatives and future visions. De Wit aims to inspire listeners to join his venture and build a ‘Citizens Society’. Listening time: 52 minutes.

In this podcast Martijn van der Kooij, editor in chief of PW., interviews De Wit about his book Society 4.0.

In Society 4.0 De Wit resolves eight key issues to build a citizens society. He provides inspiration for those who wish to build a vital and hopeful future for the next generations. In envisioning a different and better society.

Listen to the podcast:

Society 4.0 is now world wide available via
Read the review of this book (Eng) here.

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